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Default Java fern question

On Sat, 14 Apr 2007 03:55:55 GMT, "Tara Legale"

I just bought a large java fern. I read somewhere in the past that the
spores on the leaves can be used to grow new plants. How is this done? Can
you pick a spore off and drop it in the gravel? Or how else can you grow a
new plant? Thanks.

Java fern is a most hardy low light plant. Hard to not keep it from
not spreading. I have JF growing without burying the bottom, I just
weight them down with lead weight.

For some reason, one of my 10 gallon tanks seems to have perfect
conditions for JF and I must "harvest" large floating islands of the
plants, whereas my 29 gallon isn't so great. I have replaced the 29
gallon JF several times using starter from the 10. The latest one I
sunk with a lead weight and it is doing well, so far.