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Carmine J. Ventura JR
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Default Low Light Success...with Mod. Light plants

Ount your blessings !

"Rich Conley" wrote in message
Okay, set up the 55...has 2 old metaframe stowaway hoods....made for 20H
tanks. Each has 2 14w screw in fluorescents..... so 56 W total. This is
1 wpg on a 21" deep tank, and

Amazon sword is putting out a 2 foot long 4 inch wide leaf EVERY 2 DAYS.

Dwarf sags are throwing runners.....Crypts are growing...each only lost
1 leaf to initial transplant shock/rot.....what is going on here..... yellow labs are eating all the algae off the leaves on the

Any ideas why this is working? I was gonna put 2 ODNO 48" tubes on a DIY
hood...but everything seems to be growing well with 1 wpg...whats going
on..? I also have some stems(elodea, and ludwigia) that are growing

Am i dreaming?