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Default Orchis Cactus - "Orchid Cactus - resize.JPG" 159.4 kBytes yEnc

Hi Mike

The problem is that many of us use Otlook Express to access these newsgroups
and it does not support yEnc encryption.

Attached is your decoded photo - it is definately NOT an orchid! As Niek
says it belongs to Epiphyllum genus.



"Mike Dunsmore" wrote in message
hi Diana. It's yEnc encryption. Shall I use something else like UUE or MIME?
BTW I misspelled orchid. Oh, I got the message I sent and the picture got
through for me...

On Wed, 2 May 2007 20:26:28 -0400
Diana Kulaga wrote:

Can't see it, Mike. It's encrypted or something. I think we had this
once before; don't know if it was your photos, though.


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Orchis Cactus - "Orchid Cactus - resize.JPG" 159.4 kBytes yEnc-orchid-cactus-resize.jpg