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Default Vandas and Spanish Moss

The Spanish Moss is primarily decorative. It _might_ serve some purpose as
an "indicator plant" -- i.e, if the moss dries up and dies, maybe you are
not watering the vanda enough???

I have no experience in potting vandas to grow in a low-humidity
environment, so will leave that to others. Our vandaceous are all grown
"bare in the basket" or, if we have an opportunity to dispense with the
basket altogether (plant will come out easily, or we take a topcutting),
then just on vanda hangers, no basket at all. But growing this way does
require a thorough watering, every day in warm weather and at least every
other day even when it's cool.

Good growing, Kenni
"gerald" wrote in message
I recently acquired 3 decent sized used Vandas. 2 were in the
standard slatted wooden boxes. they have air roots about a foot long.
draped with the roots is a mass of Spanish moss. is this a good Idea,
or a bad idea. the third orchid was laying on a mass of std potting
debris. I removed it, put it in a box identical to the other two, and
stuffed some sphagnum moss around the in the box part. the roots are
hanging down naked. should I get some Spanish moss for those roots?
should I get Spanish moss to put in the box around the standard roots?