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Default Vandas and Spanish Moss

We have quite a few Vandas. So, a few years ago, Frank rigged a watering
system using sprinkler heads, PVC and a simple timer from Home Depot. The
water comes on at 9 AM every morning and lasts for 5 minutes. We water more
often in the dryer months, and less when we have our summer rains. We can
set it for twice daily if needed. Fertilization is done a couple of hours
after watering, by hand, twice weekly. Sometimes we shut down the system and
just do the fert. Ideally, if we could follow Martin Motes suggestions (and
he's surely right), we'd fertilize with every watering. We're not set up for

I would never have enough time to water them by hand. They'd suffer. And, we
love them, so needed to do something to give them what is needed.

As far as the bucket method is concerned, the only time we use that is if
we're disinfecting, i.e. using a fungicide. Otherwise, I'd be concerned that
we could spread pathogens. Of course, if a plant, Vanda or otherwise, is
dehydrated, then a sterilized bucket is fine. Just our two cents!

Oh, by the way - we grow outside, under screens around a pool area and in an
extended lanai. I am sure that makes a difference.


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Some of ours have Spanish moss around the roots, others not. Personally,
I think the biggest benefit of the moss is that it enhances the overall
look of the plant. I don't see any difference in growth. Like Al, I have
a huge curvifolium covered at the base with the stuff. It looks great. We
use no media at all for our Vandas.

How then do you water and fertilize them? Do you take them down and dunk
them in a bucket of water?