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Default Vandas and Spanish Moss

I water my entire greenhouse with overhead spray nozzles, which spray RO +
MSU fertilizer injected into the feed stream.

The vandaceous plants - in everything from wooden baskets alone, to baskets
plus charcoal or PrimeAgra, EpiWeb baskets, or hung from bare wire - all do
just great.


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On Fri, 4 May 2007 21:32:21 -0400 in
Diana Kulaga
We have quite a few Vandas. So, a few years ago, Frank rigged a watering
system using sprinkler heads, PVC and a simple timer from Home Depot. The
water comes on at 9 AM every morning and lasts for 5 minutes. We water
often in the dryer months, and less when we have our summer rains. We can
set it for twice daily if needed. Fertilization is done a couple of hours
after watering, by hand, twice weekly. Sometimes we shut down the system
just do the fert. Ideally, if we could follow Martin Motes suggestions
he's surely right), we'd fertilize with every watering. We're not set up

Anyone that does the automatic sprinkler for vandas or similar use
use a fertilizer siphon in the system?
How are the results?

Chris Dukes
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