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Default Scale control - methods for indoor control?

For future reference, a thorough spraying with soapy water, then moderate
scrubbing with a soft toothbrush dipped periodically in more soapy water
will safely remove scale without risk of damage with a scalpel blade.

If you really want to get serious about it, try my "Rise & Shine"
concoction. Sold as a leaf cleaner, it is a combination of ingredients that
quickly dislodges the critters, kills them and disinfects the plant surface,
all in one.

Yeah, I know that this is close to being an ad, but I just wanted to share
the alternate route to plant maintenance.


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"BruceM" wrote in message
A followup :

Thanks to the users here ofr their responses. I eventually settled for
using Safer's brand Insecticidal soap and added Neem oil for backup.
Watered the plats well, inspected for any hardscale, and carehully pried
those off with a sharp scalpel. Sprayed the leaves top and bottom,
thoroughly soaking the entire plant.

Placed it back in the window with the blinds closed for a day to let it
dry and so far so good. It has been about 3 weeks (I know I know) and I
will spray a second time this weekend.

"BruceM" wrote in message
After reading many posts on scale cotrol, it looks Enstar II in
comobination with Orthene WP would be a good way to go, but I am not sure
I would want to use it on my plants kept in the house around pets. I
only have about 30 pots, all kept in the house, and would prefer a less
"nuclear" way to do it.

At the moment I only have one plant that I can defintiely say has scale ,
and it is in bad enough shape I am just going to throw it away.

Anyone have personal experience with using something available in common
box stores (don't throw anything)? I alwasy keep lots of safer
insecticidal soap on hand for my roses and think I may try that and / or
a alcohol spray.