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Default Problems with Mantis tiller

On May 17, 11:41 am, Mitch [email protected] wrote:
I have a 2-year-old Mantis mini-tiller with the 2-stroke engine.

I can't get it to run! It starts easily, and can idle forever, but as
soon as I give it throttle, it dies.

I've replaced the fuel filter, checked the air filter, it has fresh
gas, proper mix ratio.

What else can I do? This is the latest I've ever planted.

The main jet passageways in the carb are most likely blocked. If you
can find a gasket kit for the carb, take it apart, soak in some carb
cleaner, blow out the passageways with compressed air, and put it back
together. If you don't have the means to do this, take to a lawn mower
shop and have them fix it.

Plan B: replace the carb.

Plan C: give it to charity and go buy another tiller.