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Default Problems with Mantis tiller

On May 17, 2:41 pm, Mitch [email protected] wrote:
I have a 2-year-old Mantis mini-tiller with the 2-stroke engine.

I can't get it to run! It starts easily, and can idle forever, but as
soon as I give it throttle, it dies.

I've replaced the fuel filter, checked the air filter, it has fresh
gas, proper mix ratio.

What else can I do? This is the latest I've ever planted.

You might try a big shot of carb cleaner additive in the gas. Someone
suggested this last year for my Lawnboy and solved problem I was
having in taking annually to the shop.
It was also most important to use their brand 2-cycle oil.
Small engine repair shops are backed up this time of year. I got my
mower running 3 weeks before I needed to use it because of this.