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Default Problems with Mantis tiller

Mitch wrote:
I have a 2-year-old Mantis mini-tiller with the 2-stroke engine.

I can't get it to run! It starts easily, and can idle forever, but as
soon as I give it throttle, it dies.

I've replaced the fuel filter, checked the air filter, it has fresh
gas, proper mix ratio.

What else can I do? This is the latest I've ever planted.

It needs a new carburetor. They only last one year no matter how well
you take care of it, winterize it, etc; just long enough for the
warranty to expire. I finally threw my Mantis tiller away and bought a
little Honda tiller a couple of years ago. It always starts on the
second pull. I don't have trouble with any of my other 2-cycle
equipment, just the Mantis.

Sorry for the bad news.