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Default Problems with Mantis tiller

Mitch wrote:
Have you taken a good look at the exhaust/muffler?

Yeah, that was one of the first things I checked.

I pulled the plastic stops off of the carb adjustment screws.
By backing them out about 1 1/2 turns (WAY more than the stops
allowed), I was able to get it to run. It still won't go full
throttle, and I had to keep massaging the throttle to keep it from
dying, but I was able to move some dirt around.

I guess I'll take the carb apart over the Winter.

If you got it running, buy a gallon of Premium gasoline, like Amoco
Gold. It will run better in a clogged up carburetor, and it will remove
some of the gum and varnish build-up as you run it.

I buy 92 octane for my lawnmower and chain saws for the first tank every
years, then switch back to 89 octane next time I buy fuel.

It'll only cost you an extra 20 to try it. :-)