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Default Problems with Mantis tiller

On Sun, 20 May 2007 14:28:18 GMT, Mitch [email protected] wrote:

Have you taken a good look at the exhaust/muffler?

Yeah, that was one of the first things I checked.

I pulled the plastic stops off of the carb adjustment screws.
By backing them out about 1 1/2 turns (WAY more than the stops
allowed), I was able to get it to run. It still won't go full
throttle, and I had to keep massaging the throttle to keep it from
dying, but I was able to move some dirt around.

I guess I'll take the carb apart over the Winter.

Well it was worth a shot

I suspect these are almost identical to the weed whacker
motor/carbs. If so there isn't much to them at all. Two
screws/bolts remove it from the intake/jug. Maybe 4 screws
allow it to be split in two. Just be really careful not to
damage the gasket. It is more than just a gasket. It has
little flapping check valves and such which are part of it.
Take a good look at both the hoses too. One comes from the
tank and the other is a return line. They can cause some
weird troubles too if cracked or loose where they enter the
tank. You would probably have noticed fuel leaking though
and it isn't old enough for them to have really deteriorated
too much.

From what you have said/done so far I doubt it will give you
any problem. I just carefully blow them out good with
compressed air and put'em back together.

It may just settle down after you run some gas through it.
If so you will probably have to set the adjustments back
like they were, or close to the same.

Leon Fisk
Grand Rapids MI/Zone 5b
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