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Kay Easton
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In article , Richard G
Seddon writes
Could anyone please let me know if they know of any charities that are
around that would provide seeds to develop some meadow land that is near my
home. It is already the haven of much wildlife but doesn't look to pretty at
the moment. I would like to be able to sow some poppy seeds and cornflowers
and some butterfly attracting flowers. I saw a gardening program where a
lady had undertaken a similar project and the results were amazing.
Unfortunately I don't have much money and cannot afford the seeds. Plus in
the quantities that are needed ...... I cant even source large quantities.

Most important thing is to reduce the nutrient level of your meadow. Mow
it a couple of times a year and take all the mowings away - do this for
several years, and the native species will be able to compete - seeds
being blown in or dormant in the soil will start to provide flowers.

Poppy and Cornflower are wheat field plants - they're annuals, and
thrive where you are re-sowing completely every year.

Try instead things like campion, scabious, vetch, birds foot trefoil.
Kay Easton

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