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Bob Alston
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Default sources of KNO3?

Buy "Stump Remover" small pellets of KNO3. I bought Grant's but there are
several brands. It comes as a 1 pound plastic jar.

Bob Alston

"linda mar" wrote in message
hi all,

I posted 2 days ago, but either my server ate the post, or something

go right.. so I'm reposting...

ok. I finally got my nitrate test kit, and checked my water... and it

ZERO. so.. it's ammonia zero, nitrite zero, nitrate zero (kh/gh=3,


no wonder my plants aren't growing that much. I don't have enough fish to
maintain a good level of nitrogen compounds to sustain them (may be I

dump in some gold fish in there...)

anyway, jokes aside...

earlier, someone also recommended that I add potassium. since I also need
nitrates, I guess the best thing to put in would be KNO3 so I can get both

and NO3 in the tank in one shot. I keep seeing it mentioned in this
newsgroup but I haven't quite made the correlation between the chemical

brand/product name..

now.. so.. where do I get this?