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Default Voodoo Lily blooming - File 4 of 4 - voodoo lily 3.JPG (1/1)

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That's WEIRD!


Smells like rotting garbage, too. When the big one blooms, someone
is going to think they buried a corpse in their yard.

When I was in Puget Sound my friend and host showed me skunk cabbage.
I thought it must be a local plant or at least a New World one but
when I got home I found some in a park pond only a mile from where I


Amazing, isn't it? Of course, if you subscribe to the Earth's "floating
plates" theory, the UK and Puget Sound were probably part of the same
neighborhood long, long ago.

BTW, the Voodoo Lily is carnivorous. I don't know if I mentioned that in
here or not.