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Default Looking for experienced person with Scag

Eggs Zachtly wrote:
We've been testing some ZTR mowers at work, all commercial models and well
above the price of the Scag you're looking at. So far, most everyone has
been impressed with them with the exception of one detail: the inside
wheel, during turns. If you don't do it "just right", it can leave a pretty
good mark (even tearing turf). I realize that most of that issue is due to
the rider's inexperience with a ZTR mower, but there's not a lot of places
to practice them at a country club, not to mention a lot of time. I've a
feeling we're going to be replacing our 48" walk behind's with 400 Series
Grasshoppers. If you want 'solid', it's definately the brand for you. They
have "entry level" mowers (20 HP, 41" Deck) starting at $4995. The decks
are as heavy-gauge as I've ever seen on a mower. The engines are quiet and
smooth, and will cut about 7 acres an hour. That ain't bad. =)



The company I worked for sold Grasshoppers for about 3 years before we
got away from them. We had too many of the same problems over and over.
The frame welds were breaking, electric clutches were pure crap,
constant electrical system problems. Grasshopper's warranty dept denied
a good will request for warranty on a machine that the frame literally
broke in half because of defective welds. It was 1 month out of warranty
and the factory even admitted the welds were defective. That was the
beginning of the end. If you have not yet purchased Grasshoppers, might
I suggest you take a look at the Hustler line? IMO a better machine and
far more customer oriented company.