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Default for Shiva - replacements for Mr. L (?)

torgo wrote:

Shiva - I just brought my Kentucky Derby and Double Delight in for
the night (we were in the high 70s yesterday but will dip into the
20s tonight with strong winds) when it hit me that DD might be just
the ticket to replace Mr. L. in a red and white bed. (Red AND white
AND seriously fragrant, all in one bush.)

You know what--I think you have something here. I have avoided this rose
because photos do not, for some reason, appeal. But--since I love
fragrance, and I love its form (I grow Granada, which is in its family and
does have the same form and substance) NOW is the time to get it. Perfect
for the red and white bed. Tell me, is the white part more white or cream
in full sun? There is a difference--perhaps there is more red when it is
in full sun? This rose will be in a prime location, sun all day. Thanks
for your suggestion--perfect!