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Default Tropical Fish And Fish Aquarium

On Sat, 14 Jul 2007 08:02:40 -0500, Dick

On Fri, 13 Jul 2007 16:47:23 GMT, "timotbat7 via"
[email protected] wrote:

I have enough room for the angel fish to grow. Its just that i had a couple
other ones and they died. I dont think i got them use to the enviroment
before i put them in. I am doing to do the drip acclimation for all of them
this time so maybe they will last a little longer then a couple days.

Good luck. I only had 3 angels in my 75 gal community tank. After a
few months 2 paired and laid eggs. I decided to give the 2 their own
10 gallon tank. Within days they had quit eating and had weird swim
efforts, like swim bladder problem. They died within days.

I hate it when my fish or dogs have problems which can be traced to
something I did or not. Back when I first got my 75 gal, I was still
trying to adjust pH. I over did it and the tank went acid. I didn't
know until I noticed all the fish in a corner, some with red eyes and
a couple dead. I changed some of the water as fast as I could, but I
lost about 5 fish.

I just found out I had caused my dogs misery. They liked eating a
small amount of raisins when I had them out for my oatmeal. I had one
dog for only 2 months when he had a seizure. After a year of monthly
seizures I stopped the raisins (heaven knows why) and it is now 4
months with no seizure. My other dog of 8 years living with me, had
been throwing up, often on the rug. He no longer does it. I guess
raisins are bad for dogs (google dog raisin) as others say.

Any way, I guess whether fish, plants or other live things we live
with, there is always a risk.

Well Dickie Boi, your sure a ****ed up individual that can not be
trusted to care for any living beings. Perhaps you need to tie a big
rock around your neck and try and swim the English