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Default California Lilac looks like it is dying :(

On Jul 16, 9:48 am, "Goldlexus" wrote:
I am not in California, sorry for not mentioning that in my op, I am in
Oregon we have had below average rains but it did rain considerably during
the winter. The plant is about 8 or 9 years old but I have also read they
can live up to 25-30 years so not sure that is it.

TOTB: They are beautiful plants! When they bloom they are glorious! A huge
purple (our is purple) curtain of flowers (and bees the bush literally hums
with bees) Right now it is very sad looking and I am quite upset about it.
It is my favorite plant. They can grow very tall, ours is at least 9 feet
tall, maybe taller.

Another thing that Ceanothus does not like is to be pruned. Was this
plant pruned by anyone? Tips of small branches can be pruned, but not
larger branches. My friend had a tall, spectacular Concha planted on a
vacant lot next to his house, where it would not get summer water. It
was a beauty and in full bloom one summer. I drove past and a woman
had been cutting off the flowers; she had cut long stems/branches and
had a big bouquet. The plant was dead by winter.
(I still think it was the soaking your plant got; a sprinkle would
probably not
make any differnce, but not all that water)