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Default A couple of my recent pictures

"Mary Fisher" wrote in message

My camera is a simple digital, these were taken hand held, I suffer from a
neurological condition which makes my hands tremble AND it was breezy but
I hoped to capture the rain on the petals of this volunteer poppy in my
asparagus patch.

The golden marjoram falls over the ceramic sink it's taken over and can be
seen from my kitchen window, it lights up the dreariest of days - and
we've had plenty of those recently.

Just to prove to Omelet that I do take pictures and I haven't pro
equipment - and I don't want any tips on enhancement from anyone but
Padraig or Marutchi!

Oh, and the third is a lesson to myself, again I don't need anyone to
point out the glaring error which I should have seen. It was simply a
record of a

window box on the side of Spouse's workshop, not meant for anyone else's
eyes, but I made the cardinal error of not looking for a reflection in the
window - thus the tartan wool hanging on the washing line and, if you look
carefully enough, me :-)

Probably all too big too ... they've already lost a lot by reducing the

Hahahaha! Well, ya won't get any squawks from me. I thought ya did good
kiddo. I was impressed with the depth of field you have on the poppy. It's
not quite all in focus but almost*, and it's good enough to be a pretty
interesting picture as far as I'm concerned. I thought you did a good job
of showing the water droplets.
Paddy's Pig

*That's a hard shot to make for anybody. When you're that close it's almost
impossible to make your depth of field cover the whole flower from front to
back so don't beat yourself up too much about being a little bit off. I
have an older Olympus C740 point 'n shoot camera laying around the house
somewhere and in the beginning while I was getting used to it I shot
everything on "auto". After a while though I discovered I could make some
manual settings and in this case I would have clicked it over to "A" (for
Aperture) and set it to F/16 and given it a go. Otherwise on Auto the
camera will always choose something like F/8 or F/5.6 or F/4 --- all of
which might be okay for general photography but not for close ups. So there
is a way to out-think your camera. Experiment around with it a little. (Of
course if that's what you did already I better shut up!) :-)