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Default A couple of my recent pictures

In article ,
"Mary Fisher" wrote:

"Omelet" wrote in message
In article ,
"Mary Fisher" wrote:

Just to prove to Omelet that I do take pictures and I haven't pro
equipment - and I don't want any tips on enhancement from anyone but
or Marutchi!

You did not have to prove anything to me!

I know, It was a goad :-)

To get me to post more pics...G

Now you have challenged me to pull the pics off my camera and post them.
;-) Gotta shrink them first and hope that spiderweb turns out.

I didn't see a web ...

I'm collecting a folder and will shrink it en' mass. This mornings pics
are still in the camera. I had others stashed.

In the meantime, attached is one of my favorites from last year that
never elicited any comments. During the Skipper swarm.

... and I don't know what a Skipper is ...

A type of tiny butterfly.

The one problem I have right now is taking the camera from the AC in the
house to hot humid outdoors. Takes a bit for me to get it to stop

We don't have that problem, no AC. and not really humid here most of the

Humidity here is high right now.
Mushrooms are blooming out of season.

Missed a good cicada pic this morning. ;-( The bugger spooked.

Recently I shot dozens of honeybees on flowering herbs but either couldn't
hold the camera still enough or the bees moved :-(

Some you win ...


I understand.
Some of the Bindweed pics I got this morning included a shy bee.
We shall see if he turned out but I work nights so gotta sleep
sometimes... G

You challenged me. I'll try to get a series posted tomorrow morning.
Peace, Om

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