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Bill Archibald
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Default jumpering John Deere safety switch

On Sat, 07 Dec 2002 02:26:30 GMT, "no-one" wrote:

why don't you do the right thing and add rear weight to the unit either
wheel weights or box weights.
I do know which wires to jump but sorry I wont tell. it is not safe to
bypass the safety switch it is there for a reason.


I'm not sure how why you think:

A) I do not have weights

B) more weights would solve the problem

C) this is the "right" thing to do

As you obviously must understand the machine since you know which
wires to jump, I am confused by your assertion that more (machine)
rear weight would prevent my butt coming off the seat as I depress
both pedals. (by "unit" I assume you are talking about the machine,
not my arse grin)

I agree it would not be safe for a total bozo to operate without this
particular safety switch, so, could I ask you which wires I SHOULD NOT
jump to bypass this switch. Being a total bozo myself, you know I am
going to start inserting jumper wires in every plug I find on my
machine ....... for no particular reason. So could you advise me
where NOT to insert a jumper wire on the seat shut off switch plug?
I'd hate to be unreasonably unsafe.

thanks for thinking of this bozo's safety. OSHA is looking for a few
safety conscious citizens like yourself.