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linda mar
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Default sources of KNO3?

thank you!

do you usually dissolve the KNO3 before putting in the tank? how much do
you put in yours?

"LeighMo" wrote in message
No one has stump remover around here. At least, not the kind that's made

KNO3. I ended up buying mine online from a chemical supply house. One

specializes in chemicals for people who want to make their own cosmetics.

way, I don't have a buy a huge amount, and it's fairly inexpensive. (Some
scientific supply places have such purified chemicals that they cost about
their weight in gold. :-)

The place was Tri-Ess Sciences, Inc.:

See their "cosmetic chemicals." I also got calcium carbonate from them.

Service was very quick, and the order was well-packed and accurate.