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Radika Kesavan
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Default Kew Rambler (Cass!) Climbing Red Rose?

tsmay wrote:
Radika Kesavan wrote in message

Tell me, since you are in Long Island, from where are you going to
get the Kew Rambler? ...

... which sells Kew Rambler, (sadly,
not on its own roots) but in the country atleast.

Oh, how fortunate! Vintage Gardens is a very good place, you will not
regret buying from them, IMO. I just checked their website for Kew
Rambler and nothing there tells me that they sell a budded Kew Rambler.
Is this what they said to you over the phone? I wonder if it tends to
colonize and that is why they do not sell it OR.

Cass who is a poster in this forum who also prefers large and brawny
roses buys is a frequenter of Vintage Gardens since she lives in tehri
vicinity. Hey Cass! Here is a Rambler after your heart g!

I orderd it right away. I can't wait. I have an old victorian house
with a big front porch with lots of wicker furniture. I may be taking
on a lot, but I just love the idea of having roses draping over and
around the porch. I hope I like the reality of it as much as the idea
of it. Thanks so much for the help!

Tonya, that sounds absolutely delicious. May the reality prove far more
pleasant than the idea itself for you.

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