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Default Red tip Phontias (Frazeri)

On Mon, 31 Mar 2003 21:22:22 +0000, Ron Blocher wrote:

Have heard that the Red tip Phontias are very susceptible to a number of
diseases. Also, have read that the Frazeri variety of this plant is less
susceptible to these diseases.

We plan on planting approximately 180-200 feet of hedges in our backyard,
and really like the looks of the Phontias. Would appreciate any
information regarding pros and cons of this plant.

Photina is a terrible plant for hedges. It's the lawn maintenance
company's friend though. They will grow quickly to your desired hight but
then you'll have to hedge them up to 6 times a year to keep them there.

I'd suggest that you go to a few different nurseries and ask then what
they have for hedging shrubs.