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Default is wood ericaceous?

In reply to Oxymel of Squill ) who wrote this in, I, Marvo, say :


I want to fill in a small pond and plant blueberries, as suggested by
El Flowerdew. Thought of builders' rubble for filling but it's
probably limey and I don't know where to get any. Would it be a good
idea to use the branches that blew off the sycamore tree?

I know that when you plant blueberries you are supposed to buy heaps of the
special soil (which is indeed ericaceous) but I don't know where you get it.
I can find out in the next few days, as a mate of mine is a pro blueberry
grower. He has the soil imported from Poland, apparently.

I've probably said this before, so I apologise if I have.