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Default Finally, the bareroot bloomed

Emil wrote:

Yes, there is a great fragrance. How can I explain it, it's like a deep
perfume smell. Smells pretty good. Do you guys think the rose will get
"bigger" in a year or two?

You bet, Emil! At about the third year you will have a feeling of great
satisfaction when you look at your established roses. Don't be too prune
happy in the spring--just cut off what looks diseased, and maybe a bit to
open up the middle so air will flow, preventing conditions ideal ofr fungal
disease--and maybe trim to shape a little. This way your roses get nice and
big pretty fast, and you get to see how the rose "wants" to grow--how big,
its natural shape, etc. In this case, patience is a virtue. And water,
water, water! As long as it drains, give them 3 times what you think you
should and they will reward you.