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Carol Kavanagh
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Default Pelargoniums/geraniums newby question

Thanks so much. This is very helpful and much appreciated.


"Sprog" wrote in message
They were originally from South Africa and will do well in the position

you describe.

The family Geraniaceae has about 700 species falling into 11 genera which

include Geranium, and
Plants from this family, especially geraniums and pelargoniums, have been

hybridized and are widely
cultivated the world over for their spectacular displays of flowers and

striking colours.

Here is a search for web sites about Geraniums in Australia

"Carol Kavanagh" wrote:

Hi All

I'm new both to gardening and this newsgroup. Last year I bought a small
plant on a bargain table at a local nursery for $1 labelled 'geranium

It has divided fern type foliage and a little violet flower and is about

30cm high scrambling perennial. It seeds freely in our gravel driveway.

was told by a visiting relative that it was actually called Cranesbill
Incanium, and that Cranesbills used to be called geraniums but were no
longer. He told me that geraniums were the brightly coloured plants one
sees in pots on patios in travel brochures for the Greek Islands!

Anyway, I find myself confused again, as to the difference, if any,

Pelargoniums and geraniums. Is there any difference here, and which is

most suitable for planting in the South Coast of NSW in full sun on a

which can get dry in mid summer?

Any help here will be much appreciated.