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Default Pet Safe Vines?

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Scott Hildenbrand wrote:
As some of you had seen I'd been working on a 34x34' dog run off the
back of our house for our hounds.

I'm finished with the fence and am working on a deck section and 8 foot
ramp that will lead from the house to ground level for the dogs.

Anyway, the deck is built with a height of 3', and a final height of 5'
with the railing. The face side I'm going to use lattice which will go
the full 5 foot height.

I'm going to put a vine on it, but need advice on what would do best.

During summer it gets part sun from 11am till dusk. Fall it's mostly
shaded by the house.

I'd need something that is totally pet safe, just in case they decide to
munch on it. I'm not sure which ones are as none of the sites seem to
cover this info.

Hmm. I would still suggest sweet peas, which according to
is only toxic if large quatities of the seeds are eaten. Which,
given the growing habit, isn't likely - you'd have to deliberately
collect them.

The more flowers, the better, but anything is good. I'm going to end up

And they have lovely flowers.

training what ever grows there to grow along the balusters of the full
8' ramp as well as on the 5' deck section.


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