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Default Using the rinse water

Way down yonder in the pawpaw patch, Andrew G was heard to sing:

|| "August" wrote in message

|| I will have a look at our brand tomorrow, and ask the irrigation guy at work
|| where he gets them from.
|| Just one thing though, there is possibly a cheaper version better suited to
|| the job. Much like the "normal" hoses, green with a yellow stripe, this is
|| the same, but a bigger diameter. The same sort of regular clip on fittings
|| are used on it too, only bigger. However, they still do clip on to a
|| standard tap. Unlike the white ones I mention, which have brass screw on
|| fitting, no clipping on, but they still will screw onto a standard tap.
|| The only problem we had with them, is while they were soft, they would go
|| rock hard with the pressure in them. Carts driving over them would cause the
|| casing to rupture, therfore creating big bulges, and eventually splitting.
|| But in a backyard situation they'd be fine, and cheaper.
I am, and have been, using the boring old garden hose, but it's not good
for the pump, I know (

The thread has prompted me to go hose hunting.

Besides, half the water goes down the trough anyway, as it 'misses' the
hose altogether.