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Andrew G
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Default Using the rinse water

"August" wrote in message

Tried hardware stores, plumbers fitting stores etc, no avail.
You have a brand name stamped on it by any chance?


Doing up your house?
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The brand on the white hose is "Rubicon 25mm Parks and Dairy Australia"
I have seen others around at work, exactly the same but is says "Irrigation
Drag Hose".

The green ones, I couldn't find a brand on them. Chances are 'cause we had
to always cut the bad bits out of them, so the brand may have been cut out.

I asked the irrigation guy at work, he can't remember where the big white
hoses come from. He guessed they were actually bought through some sort of
Golf Course Supplies, by our Superintendent. The green ones came from a
local Plumbing place, "Colemans" which is a local turnout.

Oh, and it looks like all this use of rinse water has just come in real
handy. Just then the next stage comes in here (Great Lakes area) at
midnight Thursday. No outside watering whatsoever except with
buckets/watering cans for one hour in the morning, one hour at night.

Pretty ironic. 1min drive away we have the pacific ocean, 3mins drive away,
Wallis Lake, full of salt water. If only there was some sort of filtration
system in place, we would have plenty of drinking water.

Hope this helps your search.

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