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Louise Smith
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Text "pmchat" to 8998 and flirt with thousands of girls and guys from all over Europe on your mobile phone, wherever you are

Pmchat is the top European text flirt service that let's you flirt anonomously with your perfect match

To start send pmchat to 8998 to end send pmchat stop to 8998

Available in the UK only to O2, Vodaphone and Orange subscribers

Every message you receive costs 50p, every message you send is charged at your normal rate

Only available to people aged 18 and over

When you log on you will arrive in the main chat room, where you can chat or flirt with up to 10 others. If you like someone you can invite them individually into a private chat room where you can chat or flirt one to one. You will receive and be charged f
or each message sent to the chat room you are in

WARNING do not disclose personal details on this service, despite this should you decide to meet a fellow flirter always tell a friend when and where you are going

If you receive 20 messages and do not send one yourself you will be logged out of the service

For help call 0870 250 1765 or write to My Text, PO Box 4243, London W1A 6TT.