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Default Question for the group (cross-posted to forums)

I had no idea he passed away! I sad to hear that. We had him come and chat
at OrchidSafari once. He was always willing to help out & answer questions.

K barrett

"Ray B" wrote in message
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Yeah, John was my "go-to guy" on water quality, as well.

He was always ready to share what he knew and find out what he didn't (a
rare thing).


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"Wendy7" wrote in message
Aah! Thanks for the info Aaron albeit so sad & why I haven't seen his
name mentioned.
"Aaron Hicks" wrote in message


That was John Talpa, who was certified as a water specialist under
what I think is the best water quality group for that sort of thing.
died a couple of years ago after a battle with cancer; he was a Vietnam
war veteran, and thought it likely that his particular type of cancer
likely caused by Agent Orange exposure, along with some other health
problems that he had.

He was truly a nice guy who really knew his stuff when it came to
water- no kidding around, and no babble. More importantly, he was also
orchid grower, so he was the "go to" guy when it came to water problems
and orchids. I for one really miss him and his advice.

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