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Default Ice on the pond

actually, water does not really stratify much in a pond. it is essential to
oxygenate the water and keep some up and down movement going. a single 100 watt tank
heater below the air stone(s) will keep the air hole open.

when (not if) the ice freezes over use a 1.5 inch spade bit in a cordless drill and
drill holes liberally, then drop the airstone back in.


On Sat, 5 Jan 2008 20:24:33 CST, "Peter Corser" wrote:
Don't, under any circumstances use an air pump/air stone to bring water to
the surface - this will do far more harm than good in allowing the overall
pond water temperature to fall to too low a level (still water will have 4
deg C minimum - a characteristic of water which is why ice floats).