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Originally Posted by Cathy Glockler View Post
Hi all, here are some general tips about growing and caring for Bonsai:

1) Watering:

How to water a bonsai tree: First of all don't water your tree(s) on a schedule. Check the soil with a toothpick or your finger.

Immerse a toothpick to the bottom of the pot and then take out, if the toothpick has soil stuck to it, no need to water.

Dig into the soil with your finger (the deeper the better without stratching up the roots to much) and test to see if the soil is damp.

Okay, if the tree needs watering: a) Immerse the entire pot in a sink full of water for about 45 minutes
b) Water using a watering can and water your tree until the water drains from the bottom of the pot. Do this once and wait for a about 15-20 minutes, repeat and do again in about half an hour to an hour.

Trees will need less water in fall and winter than they will in Spring or fall. There is no set schedule to watering a tree.


Use organic ferilizers like Liquid Fish Fertilizer or liquid seaweed fertilizer. Do not fetilize your tree in winter as the trees should be dormant.

This conveniently leads me to the next topic:

Where to put your tree:

Yes, trees are best grown outside and only taken inside when the bonsai master wishes to showcase their tree. This should be done at maximum for one to two days maximum.

Some care needs to be taken in colder climates to insulate the pot. One method is to place the pot in a larger pot with straw or some other medium in it. Another is to bury the pot in the back yard during the fall. However, according to the HG, ceramic pots will crack if this method is used. A sheltered sundeck is another idea. The list goes on.

If you live in an apartment without a balcony, the window is not a good spot for your tree . Bad, bad bad. Place your tree in a well lit (with natural liight) area that has a natural temperature swing that stays around the ambient temperature of the room between day and night.

What tree do I grow?

Well, if you live a temperate climate, don't try to grow a tropical tree because it will probably cause you more grief than joy. Grow trees that are suited to your climate and they and you will be a lot happier.
you can also;
Begin by selecting a bonsai-friendly pot for planting your tree. The best bonsai pots are shallow (no more than 3 inches deep) and much wider and longer than deep. It is imperative that there is at least one drainage hole in the bottom of the pot.