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Default Low Light, Low Water Plants

"silvasurfa" wrote in message
. ..

"Willow" wrote in message
Thanks. I should have asked about plants that tolerate low light & are
drought tolerant.

Sorry, I sorta got the impression you were fixing the water problem by
improving the soil etc.

I've seen a lot of black pebble mulch recently with clumpy type plants

mondo grass sticking out of it, that's an OK look.

You willing to water much while things establish, or does it have to be
drought tolerant from day 1?

Another idea... those self watering pots, so you can have nice stuff
without having to water much (but make them plants that can dry out
occasionally, to avoid a mosquito problem). I've got a lovelly combo of
spider plant and that plant with the leaves speckled with pink that is
growing in a self watering pot in south aspected shade.