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Default Is this group active - or is it just a bunch of spammers.

I would have to agree, although we in the snow belt are will to chat a bit
if there is something interesting to talk about. Also, there are some of us
who do a bit of indoor rose gardening in the winter, so post away.

Jeff, Southeast Michigan, Zone 5

"John M. Gamble" wrote in message
In article
I would like to post for advice on growing roses, but not sure if
there is a better usenet group I should look to. Lots of ads here for
Viagra. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Your first problem is that you're using google to read it. I understand,
you probably don't have an alternative, but google doesn't filter out
anything. I'm not seeing any sadguydrug ads, myself.

Secondly: It's winter. Okay, the Texans seem to be a little active, but
for people like me, the only rose activity I'm indulging in is looking at


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