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Default 18" of Snow on Long Island - yes this too is global warming

"DKat" wrote in message
. net...
See this is exactly what I'm talking about! Of COURSE there has been
climate and environmental change since the beginning of the earth's
environment. At one point we did not have an oxygen based atmosphere but
anerobic organisms poisoned themselves almost out of existence with their
"waste" product, oxygen, and we oxygen breathers took their place. Of
course comets, vocanos and the like have changed the climate. That does

negate the fact that we are changing the atmosphere and climate as well

that the change that we are creating may do us more harm than we as
individuals can handle. That "belching" volcano has a relative short term
effect and the participates it put in the upper atmosphere actually cool


So it's only the "manmade" greenhouse gasses which cause harm? Sounds like
junk science to me.

What we have been doing since the industrial age has been constant
and increasing.

Actually, by far most of the warming to have occurred in the 20th century
took place BEFORE 1940. It hasn't been at all constant and is not

Let's put it this way. You know that ice age where most of the earth was
covered with glaciers? Well that occurred with a change of global
temperture of about 9 degrees. It is beginning to look as if we are going
to surpass that but in the opposite direction. There are no reputable
scientist at this point that do not acknowlege that we are going through
global warming caused by man and that it is going to bring about more
droughts, floods, extremes of snow fall and lack of snow fall (drought
remember), hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Personally I am a fan of change

don't have a problem with it but those folks living on flood plains better
think of moving upground.

"Lawrence" wrote in message

LOL! I just love this "global warming." It's the perfect explanation

everything. If it's hot, it's global warming. If it's cold, it's

warming. And then, of course, if it IS global warming it is undeniably
caused by humans -- even though the so-called "greenhouse gasses" are
produced in far greater quantities by the Earth itself. Mt. Pinatubo
belched out more "greenhouse gasses" in one eruption than man has put in

atmosphere since the dawn of time. Mankind has been on this planet for

relatively short period of time. Could this "global warming" not just

part of a naturally occurring cycle that takes an incredibly long time

the human point of view) to complete?