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Default Spring pond plans....

On Mar 5, 11:11 pm, Gareee© wrote:
The problem with veggie filters, is we can still get snow until mid april,
and by then the algae is already in full swing. (the pond is actually
totally green now, even though we're still getting snow at night, and below
freezing temps.)

There are very few stores here that stock pond plants, and they seem to take
forever to grow for some reason here... and I've spent so much on plants now
I've no real desire to spend another bundle on them, when they just founder,
and die off in a few months. Iris are about the only thing that have really
taken off, and the lilly pads are doing well now.

Big problem is finding a covered container for a filter, and the uv filter
hasn;t done practically anything at all to impact the algae.

"Phyllis and Jim" wrote in ...


I have forgotten how big your pond is and what efforts you have made
with filters. Is there any way to get a veggie filter in place? I am
biases toward them because they have been so simple and effective for
us. What have you tried that failed?


Does anyone on this list have links to some good veggie filter plans?
I'm looking at introducing one to help keep the algae at check but I'm
not sure how involved it would be.