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Default Grow your Dream Garden!

on 4/2/2008 6:51 AM Chookie said the following:
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"SG1" wrote:

"Dennis" wrote in message

Tomatoes cost over $1.00 per pound at the store! Imagine growing hundreds
luscious, grapefruit sized tomatoes, up to 3 pounds each, from a single
plant! Grow bell peppers up to 10" long, foot long chili peppers, ears of
milky white sweet corn, over two feet long, from stalks of up to 16' tall,
sweet, juicy blueberries that cover a quarter, and strawberries as big as
peaches! These and much, much more can be yours by going to this site:

This year you can finally have the garden you've always dreamed of!

What are these lbs & "s did we not give them away in the 70s. Are the joy of
a Yank spuiking crap.

And the juicy blueberries that cover a quarter. Quarter of what?

A Quarter is a US coin worth about $0.25 cents (a quarter of a dollar).
It's only about 1" (25mm) in diameter.
The word 'quarter' should have been capitalized since it is a proper noun.
I suppose that is the size of one of their blueberries.


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