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Default black fish with white spots

"wilma" wrote:
thanks for the help, it is definitly ick,i will put him back inside and
put some salt in the water.I also read to use an antibiotic also,my fish
has the ick ALL over ,poor guy.
"~ jan" wrote in message
[ . . . ]
Tiny like salt or more like pimples? If on just the gills and front of
the pec fins, this means your goldfish is a boy. If all over the body,
it is ick. Bring it back inside to a tank and treat with 0.3% salt. ~

FYI 100 gallons of water weighs 833 lbs. 0.3% salt (uniodized) would be 2.5
lbs/100 gallons.

Hope the little guy makes it. Remember to keep an eye on your other fish
and treat the pond! Ich multiply at an alarming rate.

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