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Tom Gauldin
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Default Getting rid of moles

The poisons are worse on people who crawl around in mole tunnels and have
the least effect on folks who walk upright and avoid tunneling under sod to
eat tubers. IMHO, the tunnel people deserve to die.


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"Perry Noid" wrote in message
bigjon wrote:

On Sun, 06 Apr 2003 06:30:09 GMT, Perry Noid wrote:

bigjon wrote:

Water the area well both before and after applying the
repellent or poison, if instructed to do so on the package of the
particular product that you choose. Re-application may be necessary.

I wouldn't use poison in my garden if at all possible. This is
triangle.gardens btw.

Here's a real cheap "WINDMILL MOLE CHASER", just add wind )

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" This is triangle.gardens btw. "
Your point ??

Poisons are bad for people. Don't do poison.