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Default Neighbor Fence Problem/Question?? More....

"MICHELLE H." wrote in message
Also, to answer your other question regarding the other side of his
house which is fenced, yes, there is also a 6' foot high by 8' feet wide
wooden spruce stockade fence that he and a couple of his friends/family
members installed last year.

YES, that fence ( which is on the right side of his house next to the
neighbors on the other side of him ), that fence faces the CORRECT
direction. The smooth side faces his neighbors house, and the inside of
the fence faces his house and yard.

Also, last summer, when him and his buddies installed a 6' x 8' spruce
stockade fence in his backyard, they put the fence backwards, with the
smooth side facing his backyard and house, and the inside of the fence
facing the woods.

Then this spring, they put up the 6' x 8' foot spruce stockade fence on
the left side of his house on our shared property line, and that fence
is facing backwards as well. He has the smooth side of the fence facing
his house, and the inside of the fence facing our house.

As far as communicating with him, and letting him move the three 6' x 8'
foot wooden stockade fence panels, and moving them to our shared
property line, so that there will no longer be a slooping trench there
for the kids to fall into, or the balls to go under, this wouldn't
really work, because he dug the trench right ON the property line. His
fence is a few inches back from the property line, but he dug the trench
right on our shared property line. So in order for him to cover up the
trench, he would have to place the fence right on our property, which I
doubt he would want to do, sense we don't like each other and don't get

What the heck is a "slooping trench"?