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Default Dts. Help 2nd Try

Another source is if you left water standing on the leaves or crown too late
in the day so it wasn't 'dry by sunset'. Even though you're indoors orchids
do like to dry off. Also if it gets clammy in the grow space this sort of
rot will set in. Air movement, crowded conditions, non-optimal
temperatures, sheesh, what else.... Rots happen.

Just take a single edged razor blade and cut a clear margin about half an
inch into good tissue. Seal the edge with cinnamon. Applied with a brush or
finger or whatever tool you like (Q-tip?)

Throw the razor blade away. Only use it once.

The leaf will be ugly but in a year or two it'll drop off as new growth
occurs. Or you may be lucky and the new leaves will cover it.

K Barrett

"Wendy7" wrote in message
Ok so it's not sunburn so be careful cutting as you can easily spread the
fungus or whatever the rot is!
You should isolate the plant as this type of thing can spread like wild
As Diana mentioned try the cinnamon on cuts.
Good luck,
Cheers Wendy
"Faz" wrote in message
news:[email protected]
It would have to bring it's own sunlamp as in the Pacific Northwest we
finally saw the sun for 2 days....

Thanks for the info, I'll try cutting off the damaged part.

Regards, Chuck.

"Diana Kulaga" wrote in message
. ..
It looks like some kind of rot to me. If it's just the one leaf, cut
away the bad stuff. Sprinkle the cut edge with cinnamon and keep an eye
on it.

No chance it got sunburned at some point is there?


"Faz" wrote in message
news:[email protected]
Can anyone identify my problem? It's on the leaves and I don't know
what to do.