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Default Test and ID needed

K Barrett wrote:
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. ..
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Eric Schecter wrote:
I had lost newgroup access until I read the thread about
via the Google new reader. Thanks for posting the alternative!
I rescued this Cattleya something-or-other from the workplace, divided
it, and repotted in Aussie Gold. The results are obvious in the
attached photo. The two flowers emerged from the new growth with no
sheath. It has a nice light perfume by mid-morning
Any assistance in the id of this would be appreciated.
Happy Growing,
I got kind of excited when your picture popped up. (It IS a very nice
picture.) Then I read that you posted it via motzarella. I think you
will find that you (and the rest of us using motzarella) will only be
able to view pictures from other motzarella users.
I couldn't see the picture that Wendy must have posted under the Happy
Fourth of July heading.

There is a newsgroup called where
they are talking about other carriers, too


Or from motzarella's top 1000 page there are these:
1 32.527
2 29.861
3 18.728
4 15.847
5 15.765
6 14.836
7 10.929
8 10.880
9 9.724
10 9.412

And my mystery group also mentioned but i don't
know if they have binaries access.


I used teranews years ago. When cable internet was first becoming
available, I was using Adelphia Cable. They didn't offer ABPO. I found
teranews and viewed ABPO from there. I didn't love it. I was constantly
asking people to repost a picture because half of them never showed up.
The other problem was that it, somehow, took over the other news servers
I was using. If I posted to RGO using the Adelphia server, the headers
showed me posting from teranews. I would change my settings but as soon
as I checked ABPO, teranews did it again.
Eventually, I contacted Adelphia and asked them to include ABPO and they
did. Adelphia used Giganews servers and that was really good while it
I've been wondering if we could contact motzarella and see if they are
able (and willing) to let ABPO pictures from other sources onto their