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Default Test and ID needed

Yes, I've seen all you guys's pics.

"Steve" wrote in message

I'm pretty sure they are allowing pictures from their registered members
onto their server but are blocking incoming messages (with pictures
attached) from outside.
I am assuming that our pictures are leaving the server so that anyone can
see what we post. The rest of you HAVE been able to see pictures from Ray,
Eric, and me.... right? Anyone?


Eric Schecter wrote:
Thanks for the observation Steve. Now, that is interesting that only
select users can see the picture. You would think that the news readers
and servers would be "agnostic" as to the original source, but apparently
not. I was thinking of the Tera News service, but will hold off for a
I see a lot or posts, but not the original ones in older posts on
this server.

"Steve" wrote in message
Eric Schecter wrote:
I had lost newgroup access until I read the thread about
via the Google new reader. Thanks for posting the alternative!
I rescued this Cattleya something-or-other from the workplace, divided
it, and repotted in Aussie Gold. The results are obvious in the
attached photo. The two flowers emerged from the new growth with no
sheath. It has a nice light perfume by mid-morning
Any assistance in the id of this would be appreciated.
Happy Growing,
I got kind of excited when your picture popped up. (It IS a very nice
picture.) Then I read that you posted it via motzarella. I think you
will find that you (and the rest of us using motzarella) will only be
able to view pictures from other motzarella users.
I couldn't see the picture that Wendy must have posted under the Happy
Fourth of July heading.