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Default Anyone feeling a tad dislocated?

On Tue, 15 Jul 2008 01:36:44 GMT in Gene Schurg wrote: that we all can't get to Alt. and the reason we never posted
pictures to this group was because back in the old day (2000) people
with dial up didn't want to download pictures.

What's wrong with posting orchid pictures on this forum?

Because most credible USENET providers run cleanfeed, or something
similar, and block binaries from non-binaries newsgroups.

Granted, ya'll could go through the CFV process to have a binaries
newsgroup in the rec.* hierarchy. Start reading news.groups* for
a while and put in a reasonable proposal.

If you regularly post to abpo, register for and
post them to abpo through at the same time you
post them to abpo through your normal USENET provider.

The other thing is to just use one of the many photo sites
and post an article with the URLs and descriptions something like
Subject: Horrible picture

Really disgusting picture*******/goatse.jpg

I would also suggest that folks look through the photo sites such as
flickr, see which have acceptable policies, and as a group choose
two such sites.

Chris Dukes
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