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Tom La Bron
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Default 18" of Snow on Long Island - yes this too is global warming


Personally, I think too many people have been reading Al Gore's book
on the environment, which, of course, was condemned by virtually the
entire scientific community as drivel.

As far as belching volcanos go the one that went up in the Phillipines
sent the equivalent into the air of all the pollution that had been
created by man totally for the last 400 years. And as I remember my
history, when Krakatua exploded in 1883 it created crop failures for
almost two years worldwide.

It is universally accepted in the scientific community if the
worldwide temperatures dropped 5 degree there would be another Ice Age
and any thing higher than that would virtually be the end of humans
here on earth.

The earth moves in cycles and with all the volcano eruptions that
occur every year throwing millions of tons of pollutates into the
atmosphere I would seem that the earth that a certain capacity to work
it out.

Global warming is more of convience than actual fact to make a point.

Tom L.L.

Tom L.L.
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. net...
That "belching" volcano has a relative short term
effect and the participates it put in the upper atmosphere actually cool


So it's only the "manmade" greenhouse gasses which cause harm? Sounds like
junk science to me.

What we have been doing since the industrial age has been constant
and increasing.

Actually, by far most of the warming to have occurred in the 20th century
took place BEFORE 1940. It hasn't been at all constant and is not

Well that occurred with a change of global
temperture of about 9 degrees. It is beginning to look as if we are going
to surpass that but in the opposite direction.