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On Fri, 18 Jul 2008 11:37:07 +1000, FarmI wrote:

Mind you, even my book loving sister has only now got onto the No1 Ladies
Detective Agency and I can't remember how long since I read the last one of
those. I know there is a new one out coming shortly.

Thanks for the tip. The chief pussy here likes those stories.

I can give Sydney about 2 days for the Opera and museums/galleries etc and
after that, I'm well over it and just want to escape.

The only thing that keeps me in S is money, or lack of it,

Yeah. I can understand that, having been a wage slave for years.
But then in the country it is surprising how little some people
live on very happily and very successfully.

No longer a wage slave and definitely not a surprise how little you can
live on. It is more being able to afford a bit of land where you are not
cheek by jowl, but still being able to come back to syndey for medical

Our earliest amibitions were to have 5 acres in the country.
Now we have 2 farms. Maybe a case of
be careful what you wish for?

It depends on what the farms are?