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Default Non-floating Plants Floating Root

"D Kat" wrote in

My - I have never had this happen - what kind of soil are you

That's kinda what I thought might be the issue. I got some topsoil
in a bag (less than $3.00); I figured it'd be a decent mix with few
nutrients and thought it'd be the same as the stuff I'd gotten for
the other lily I've had for quite some time (that, by the way, has
never decided to go on a field trip out of its plastic pot). Got
it home and potted the lilies. It was only later that I read the
bag (that'll learn me) and saw it was a mix that had some composted
manure and, I think, peat along with "forest products"; the bag's
outside and I don't care to go find out exactly what it is.

So. Now that I've messed up the potting, I figure should just do
my best to keep the root balls in the darn pots with a
strategically placed brick or two and repot come the end of the
season. Sound reasonable?

The "native soil" here is rather clay-like and slippery as slimy
snot when wet. Could that possibly be used instead of any
commercial product?

Anybody know if Costco sells clay kitty litter?


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